Gravity Linez

Gravity Linez

Gravity Linez

In Gravity Linezdraw a line and shoot the ball into the goal! 

In order to make the most of your penalty shots, you don't need to be a basketball superstar. In the basketball game Gravity Linez, draw a line to help you score! You must be quick and precise when determining where to create your path. Shoot into the hoops and make a dunk. Draw more slowly, and keep your distance from the bombs! If you do not succeed in avoiding it at all costs, you will have to start over!


  • An effective fusion of basketball and sketching
  • A never-ending game where the goal is to accrue as many points as possible
  • Has bombs within that can destroy the ring.


Use your mouse to draw. 

Let's find out your maximum point total! If you enjoy Gravity Linez, be sure to play other online, no-download games right away.

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