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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a thrilling side-scrolling game that challenges gravity and transports you to an obstacle-course world where winning is not easy.

Gameplay of Happy Wheels

Explore this 3D incarnation of the well-known Happy Wheels game! The idea is still the same, even though HakJak created it initially: strive to achieve the objective while sacrificing the fewest number of limbs. In this game, you'll take on the role of a player and steer a daring two-wheeled vehicle over a variety of obstacles, including javelins, spikes, mines, and destructive marbles. 

Tips and tricks

You should practice driving in the early stages of the level because this is a highly challenging game and the cars have varied specs. Each rider's hitbox should also become apparent to you, as any exposed body area can become a target. Since most cars have a delayed start-up, time is crucial while navigating obstacles and challenging jumps.


  • To accelerate, use the ARROW KEY UP, and to brake, use the ARROW KEY DOWN. 
  • Lean to the sides by using the ARROW KEYS LEFT and RIGHT. 
  • To employ a special ability, use CTRL, SHIFT, or SPACE.

Happy Wheels' intense gameplay, dark humor, and copious amounts of gore have won it a devoted fan base. The game is appealing to players of all ages and ability levels, even though its difficult nature can occasionally be irritating.