Head Sports Football

Head Sports Football

Head Sports Football

Welcome to Head Sports Football's hard match featuring players with enormous heads. These players are engaged in an unrelenting battle with one another. 

The big-head football player is the primary character in this game, true to its name. In thrilling football matches, you will face off against seasoned opponents while controlling a guy with a large head. Remember to use your bonuses! You can freeze your opponent or grow or speed up your character. Try to outscore your opponent and get the greatest score within the allotted time! 

How to play

To begin, customize the players, courts, ball, and time based on the game option you have selected. To put it simply, use your head to deliver accurate kicks and headbutts in an effort to outdo your rivals and win.


  • Player 1: Use the WASD key to move and the space key to jump
  • Player 2: Use the arrow key to move and P to jump

Note that the ability to play soccer well, think strategically, and respond fast are all necessary for success. 

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