Helix Dunk 3D

Helix Dunk 3D

Helix Dunk 3D

Helix Dunk 3D is a brand-new skill game. Jump through hoops to get points while dodging enemies by jumping over obstacles. 

Let us begin a thrilling journey of hoops and hurdles with one of the most intense Basketball games. This exquisite work of art will put your skills to the test and enchant you with its hyper-casual gaming perfection. It is not for the faint of heart or those seeking a light gaming experience. 

Helix Dunk 3D's intriguing gameplay aspects set it different. This isn't your typical toss-the-ball-in-the-hoop game. Helix Dunk 3D is distinguished by its intriguing blend of traditional gaming mechanics and new gameplay visuals. The game's progressively demanding levels ensure that every second you spend playing it is rewarded with an intense gaming experience that is refreshing at every turn.


Use the left mouse button to move the platform. 

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