Helix Jump 2020

Helix Jump 2020

Helix Jump 2020

The principles of the arcade game Helix Jump 2020 are straightforward and incredibly enjoyable.

This is another version of the official Voodoo-developed Helix Jump game. When the game was first released on mobile devices in 2018, it quickly became popular. You control a bouncing ball as it moves endlessly along a sequence of circular platforms in the game. Avoid ending up in the prohibited areas by slipping through the gaps! 

How to play

The fundamentals of Helix Jump 2020 are simple to understand. Mastering your reactions and anticipating problems is crucial. Rotate the platforms to align the ball with the cracks and direct the bouncing ball. For a combination move and more points, quickly follow these steps. You become unstoppable on the first bounce after clearing three stages quickly.


Use the AD/left, right arrow key, or mouse to play.

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