Helix Stack Ball

Helix Stack Ball

Helix Stack Ball

In the difficult arcade game Helix Stack Ball, you take control of a ball that descends a spiral tower. Your objective is to destroy every block stack while avoiding obstacles. 

There are more than a hundred helix leap levels in the game Helix Stack Ball. The primary goal of the Stack Ball game is to use the ball to smash through every stack while avoiding obstacles as you fall from the spiral. You can eliminate all of the stacks in a single move, and stacks that you knock down in a succession are combinations. With the aid of the combo in the Helix Jump game, you can finish the stages more quickly.


You may control the automatic bouncing ball to fall using the mouse. 

You have to finish the level in Helix Stack Ball as fast as you can avoiding running into the spiral's black obstacles, where timing is crucial. You will be greeted with stages featuring various themes as you finish each one.

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