Hockey Legends

Hockey Legends

Hockey Legends

Hockey Legends is a fun game where you must steal the pucks protect it against your enemy and aim for that striking goal!

In the entertaining game Hockey Legends, your tasks include stealing pucks, guarding them from opponents, and trying to score a goal! This time, the game will include legendary hockey players. It won't be simple to win; you'll need to dribble the puck with skill to outpace your opponents and accelerate past them with incredible speed. To score goals and beat the goalkeeper, make shots or strong super shots. 

How to play

Selecting between the friendly match and tournament modes is the first step. You will begin by selecting your player from among the numerous teams that are accessible for the two of them. 

The objective is to retrieve the puck and place it in the opponent's goal post while controlling your player using the WASD keys. Because this is a timing game, you need to be quick enough to score more than your opponent. 

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