Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends is among the most played multiplayer games that is growing in popularity. The well-known follow-up to the two-player game Basketball Stars was developed by MadPuffers. James Harden, Luka Doncic, and LeBron James are among the basketball greats from decades past who will be appearing in bobblehead form in this game. What more need you wait? Just start the game now? 

The Rules of Basketball Legends

The game's rules are derived from actual basketball, hence they are really basic. The ultimate and most fundamental objective is still tossing the ball into the basket of the other team. To reach this aim, you will need to leap, move like an expert, do various moves, and shoot the ball precisely. At the very beginning, nevertheless, you must choose whether you will compete against your friend or against the PC. In training, tournament, and random match settings, you will take control of a well-known basketball player. Prepare to dunk incredible against our basketball legends.


Player 1: 

  • Use A/D to move
  • Use W/S Sto Jump/Punch
  • Use Z to Ability
  • Use X to Steal/Shoot

Player 2: 

  • Use the left/right arrow key to move
  • Use the up/down arrow to Jump/Punch
  • Use K to Ability
  • Use L to Steal/Shoot

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