Hoop World 3D

Hoop World 3D

Hoop World 3D

You're invited to play an amazing game called Hoop World 3D which flawlessly blends basketball and acrobatics. 

Players are challenged in Hoop World 3D to pull off amazing feats like triple-front flip dunks that take you to new, captivating realms.  Set out on an incredible adventure filled with mind-bending portals, jumps, and dunks. Every level offers a fresh challenge, demanding dexterity and expertise to maneuver through complex surroundings. You'll need to exert every ounce of effort to make a basket by making incredible leaps! Can you become an expert dunk player in Hoop World? 


To jump and flip, hold down the left mouse button; to dunk, release it.

Hoop World 3D provides an exciting experience for everyone, whether you want to play flip-and-dunk challenges or just shoot hoops for fun.

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