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HOOPS the Game

HOOPS the Game

In the entertaining basketball game HOOPS the Game, your goal is to make the ball hop from one basket to the next. You will be tested in this game to see how proficient you are at throwing.

Focus on making direct shots into the hoop to increase your HOOPS score. To prevent missed throws, pay attention to your timing. Your goal is to expertly toss the basketball between hoops without letting it fall. For additional points, aim for a direct shot. Take pleasure in the extra excitement as you collect coins to customize your basketball. 

Features of HOOPS the Game

  • A unique basketball game with exciting dynamics.
  • Precision throwing is rewarded by a skill-based scoring system.
  • A new level of gameplay is provided by coin collection mechanisms.
  • Utilizing the coin collection tool, customize your basketball.


To make your throw, aim for the basket and click at the appropriate time. To score extra points, the ball needs to enter the basket directly; therefore, make sure you're aiming accurately. 

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