Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arena

The shark combat royale game Hungry Shark Arena is one you must play! The biggest shark in the undersea ring will grow by eating other fish!  

Take a dive into the water and fill up on various kinds of prey to satiate your appetite. As a young shark, it is your goal to consume smaller fish in order to develop into a more powerful predator. You will be able to eat smaller sharks and people once you reach a certain size. There are more sharks after you, so it won't be that simple. You will be able to access new sharks with various stats as you advance through the game. 


  • Gameplay for the shark battle royale.
  • Consume other fish if you want to develop and become the largest shark possible.
  • To maintain your position at the top, dash about and destroy other players.
  • Make it through the perils of the arena that is underwater.


  • Moving with a MOUSE
  • Make a LEFT-CLICKING dash movement.

Every time you play a game, you'll gain some coins, and you'll need these coins to open up additional shark varieties on the main menu. Sharks, prepare for a fight! There are certainly more exciting challenges for you in Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night. Let's go exploring now. 

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