Jump Basket

Jump Basket

Jump Basket

Jump Basket is a part of the collection of basketball games you must play this year!

This game provides you with incredibly straightforward gameplay and lovely basketball court graphics. Put the baskets together and on the endline. Set the game's start time, allowing at least three minutes. Starting with the youngest player.

Simply bouncing around with your players will be all you do. Jump Basket created a new benchmark for 3-dimensional, intense basketball games.

How to play

The player will jump when you command him to, depending on his stance and the direction he is facing. As a result, you can go forward and backward.

You just jump and release the key you use for jumping if the player has the ball.

The controls might seem challenging at first, but with practice, you'll become accustomed to them.


Jump with the W key, Up arrow, or by tapping the controls.