Linear Basketball

Linear Basketball

Linear Basketball

If you're looking for a light, fun game, give Linear Basketball a shot. There is a basketball tour in which you must enter the ball into the basketball by drawing the correct line to earn points.

The ball floats in the air above a young boy eating popcorn. Drag the cursor or your finger across the screen to draw lines. The character launches the ball into the air. However, it frequently falls short of the mark. Your goal is to draw a line to help it fall through the ring. You must exercise caution as the number of balls and basketball tours continues to grow. Extra caution is needed when incorporating bombs into basketball. You may become confused as the game's pace quickens over time.


To draw the line, use your mouse.

Relax and enjoy your day right now by playing a quick Linear Basketball game! If you expect basketball games to ask to put the ball in the basket with a drawing, don't miss Dunk Line and Bouncy Dunks

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