Little Runmo

Little Runmo

Little Runmo

Little Runmo, an independent game that has taken the gaming industry by storm, delivers a unique blend of charm, nostalgia, and hard gameplay.

Little Runmo is primarily about a compelling plot that develops via interesting cutscenes and character exchanges. To preserve his pixelated planet from impending destruction, players set out on an adventure with the endearing and vivacious protagonist, Runmo. The wonderful blend of puzzle-solving and precise platforming gameplay features is found in Little Runmo. Players face numerous obstacles, monsters, and challenges as they make their way through Runmo's graphically appealing pixelated terrain. 


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use the Spacebar to jump

You'll discover something both familiar and new in Little Runmo if you enjoy retro platformers like Foxy Land 2

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