Mini Golf Saga

Mini Golf Saga

Mini Golf Saga

Mini Golf Saga is an immersive 3D mini-golf game set on a beautiful tropical beach.

Players must navigate a variety of golf levels in this colorful 3D mini-golf adventure, each with its own special hazards and challenges. Finish eight more challenging courses by striking the ball into the hole. offering a variety of golf levels where a high score is achieved by hitting the fewest shots possible. With only a few hits available per level, plan your shots carefully.

How to play

  • When the ball is in position to be struck, click on it and move your mouse over it.
  • Let go to hit the ball after that. You can only attempt a hole a few times.

As players attempt to obtain the lowest hit count feasible in order to have a chance at achieving a high score, keep in mind that accuracy is crucial. Good luck!

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