Mob Control

Mob Control

Mob Control

Mob Control is a casual arcade game that you should get ready to play since it is quite addictive! In order to combat the bad guys, expand your army!

You must enlist warriors and increase your numbers in Mob Control to maintain control of the mob. With the right calculations and some good fortune, they have no chance! Let us help you become ready for it so you can save the city!

To take down the enemy base, the player must pass over challenging platforms and number portals, reach the checkpoints, defeat the enemy guards, and reach their base with a high enough number. To do this, you need to weigh your options and send your soldiers through the best portals. Using a small gun, you will fire. An adversary will be in front of you, and he or she will do everything in his or her power to defend his or her fortress and self. Combinations should be used with caution because some platforms require your warriors to pass through two portals in a row.


  • Graphics in three dimensions with vivid hues
  • An extremely challenging mechanism for forging romantic connections.
  • Presents and financial inducements.
  • More features and a gaming store will be available very shortly.

In order to avoid being disqualified, do not allow any of your rival fighters to come too close to your gun. Be safe and put an emphasis on defense while striking the enemy base often. Increase your assault speed in the main menu to keep up with the increasing difficulties. Can you put together how many people?