5 is a thrilling role-playing game that takes place in a fantastical setting. To enter battle with powerful weapons and armor, you must learn to tame macaques that have a monster appearance.

Enter this fantastical universe, where you will face off against action-packed battles on every corner. To emerge triumphant in combat, you must endeavor to put together the ideal group of pets to create the finest squad. Create a winning squad that fits your playstyle, realize your full warrior potential, and rise to the position of supreme champion as you pursue everyone who stands in your way. In order to tailor your squad to your preferred playstyle, you can also combine your pets to produce strong evolutions.


  • To move around, use WASD.
  • Click Left to Shoot; Click Right to Attack Monsters
  • Use Special Attacks with 2–4
  • To Interact, Use E/F
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