Mr. Mine

Mr. Mine

Mr. Mine

In the idle mining clicker game Mr. Mine, you develop a mining company. Drill far down into the Earth to retrieve valuable minerals and natural resources that you can sell. 

Mr. Mine's gameplay

To mine, the rarest and most valuable resources you can is Mr. Mine's mission. You will continue to gain more cash and improve your mining skills as you advance through Mr. Mine. 

Click the "New Game" button to begin. To mine minerals, click on them. Minerals that you gather can be sold at the sale center. The funds can be used to hire more workers, replace outdated drilling equipment, or expand the capacity of the ore transport system. There are more surprises to be found the deeper you go. Unlock tunnels to explore, underground cities, super miners to aid in mining speed, trading warehouses to trade with traders, and more!


Use your scroll wheel or the green buttons on the left side of the screen to navigate up and down your mine. 

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