MX OffRoad Master

MX OffRoad Master

MX OffRoad Master

The mountain bike game MX OffRoad Master consists of 14 stages. Two distinct maps are available for you to choose from where to purchase new bikes, outfits, helmets, and accessories.

Players can ride dirt bikes in this online game and tackle a variety of terrains, such as dirt tracks, mountain rides, and stunt arenas. In case you're playing by yourself, you have the option to select the single-player mode or invite a friend to play in the two-player mode. The thrilling experience of riding new bikes and competing to cross the finish line is provided by the game. To win this game, keep in mind that efficient use of both brakes is necessary for seamless movement.


  • Player 1: Move with WASD, brake with Spacebar, and access the camera with C.
  • Player 2: Move with the Arrow key, break with the Right Shift, then use the O key to access the camera.


  • You can go into the mountains in either 1-player mode to go on an adventure by yourself or in 2-player mode to play with a friend and compete or work together.
  • Beautiful, highly-detailed 3D graphics that pull the player into the world of off-road racing.
    The landscapes in the game come to life with dynamic lighting and shadows, which include real-life day and night cycles.
  • Take on difficult areas with rocky paths, steep hills, and dangerous obstacles that will test your biking skills.
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