NBA Jam 2K20: Tournament Edition

NBA Jam 2K20: Tournament Edition

NBA Jam 2K20: Tournament Edition

With updated teams and players from today, NBA Jam 2K20: Tournament Edition is a fan-made hack of NBA Jam Tournament Edition.

NBA Jam 2K20: Tournament Edition primary goal is to update the roster to reflect the 2019–2020 NBA season. In NBA Jam 2K20: Tournament Edition, you can select from 30 distinct teams! Numerous new players from the 2019–2020 NBA season are included in it, including Zion Williamson and Luka Doncic. Can you guide your team to the NBA Championship this season? Have fun playing with your favorite basketball celebrity.

How to play

Outscoring your opponent in a 2-on-2 basketball match is still the game's goal. From the updated roster, select your preferred NBA team or players. As you defend your opponents, collaborate with your partner to create baskets.


  • Use Enter: Start/Pause
  • Use Arrow Keys: Control movement

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