Obby Blox Parkour

Obby Blox Parkour

Obby Blox Parkour

Obby Blox Parkour is a three-dimensional racing game has some of the most insane platform competitions you've ever witnessed. You may put your reflexes to the test on aerial parkour courses, jump across logs without the protection of a safety net, and tinker around with amusing character skins.

This addictive test has everything, from supposedly difficult sections to character drawings that will make you laugh out loud. Learn the basics of how to operate the controls, then test yourself to see how far you can go without losing your composure. There are a total of fifty distinct levels, each of which comes with its own unique challenges. Every subsequent level will have a route that is significantly more challenging than the one that came before it.

You might have to begin at the very bottom and work your way to the top. As you run forward, push your character ahead of you. As you approach the edge of the platform, leap, and then push your character ahead once again. If you stare too far ahead, you risk falling off the log's edge, so be careful not to do that. You need to save your game at the checkpoint before you can proceed. Let's get you ready for the start of the game so you can do your best!


  • Use the WASD keys to navigate.
  • To make your character jump, you must press and hold the space bar.
  • To zoom in and out of the camera, use the arrow keys.
  • Just tapping any key will cause the program to restart.


  • Control mechanisms that are straightforward.
  • 50 addicting and difficult stages to complete.
  • Amusing skins for character characters.
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