Oil Wrestling

Oil Wrestling

Oil Wrestling

For you, Oil Wrestling is a brand-new and unique kind of wrestling game. In this unusual game, you have to cover your opponent in oil or another material.

Have fun with Oil Wrestling, a unique fighting game. Only until the back of your opponent touches the ground can you win! There's just one way to increase the fun factor of wrestling: add oil. To make the combat more difficult, this unusual game requires dousing your opponent in oil or another material. You can play the interactive gameplay in single or two-player mode, which ups the fun and competitiveness factor.

How to play

Assume the role of an obese wrestler and attempt to win the match by defeating your opponents five times. To win, simply force your opponent to land on his back by pushing him to the ground. 


  • Move with the WASD or arrow keys. 
  • To jump, use P/T. 
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