Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria

In Papa's Freezeria, you step into the job of a dessert shop manager while the proprietor is away on leave. 

Developed by Flipline Studios, Papa's Freezeria is a well-liked online simulation game about restaurants. This game is a part of the "Papa Louie's Restaurant Management" series, in which players assume the role of employees at a variety of Papa Louie's eateries. There is an ice cream shop in Papa's Freezeria. Taking orders, making personalized sundaes, and serving customers are the major goals of the game. Tips are awarded based on the efficiency and quality of your service.  

How to play Papa's Freezeria

Working at several stations, your goal is to deliver your customers' favorite candies with accuracy and efficiency while aiming for perfectionism and the highest tips. Your clients will find your shop more appealing and pleasurable if you continue to put money into improving the freezeria, dessert stations, and shop decorating.


Drag, drop, and rearrange ingredients using your mouse. 

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