Parkour with Compote

Parkour with Compote

Parkour with Compote

Set in the universe of block crafts, Parkour with Compote is an online run-and-jump game featuring adventure themes. The game is divided into ten stages, each of which is harder than the last.

How to play

Press the WASD or ARROW keys.

In an attempt to cover as much ground as you can in front of you, sprint and leap from platform to platform. Keep in mind that because the platforms vary in size, it's possible to fall between them. You'll encounter many traps and barriers along the way.

Tips to play

If platforms move left or right, wait for them to approach you before jumping on them. Steer clear of lava, other hazardous materials, and falling objects.

Remember to finish all of the other Action games and Parkour games. Hope you succeed and have an amazing time!