Penalty Shooters 3

Penalty Shooters 3

Penalty Shooters 3

The sports game Penalty Shooters 3 brings penalty shootouts to a whole new level of fun. 

Welcome to the latest adventure in the popular "Penalty Shooters" series, known for its exhilarating penalty shootout gameplay. For Penalty Shooters 3, you can play as both the shooter and the goalkeeper in a soccer shootout. There are two separate game modes: Tier Mode and World Cup. Tier Mode has six levels that are very hard, and the World Cup takes you to famous venues around the world. 


  • Two-player gaming: To enjoy the best of both worlds, play as the goalkeeper blocking inbound shots or as the shooter going for the goal.
  • Game modes: Take on the challenge of Tier Mode, which has six stages of difficulty, or bask in the splendor of the World Cup, which has world-class arenas.
  • Personalization: Create a style statement! Make your players' uniforms unique to give them more flair on the field.
  • Advanced AI: Engage in fierce battles with AI opponents that adjust and learn, making the game harder as you advance.
  • Interesting Elements: With more than 250 unique teams, power-ups, and achievements, you may fully immerse yourself in the gameplay and have hours of entertainment.
  • One-Touch Control: To surpass your rivals, try your reflexes with a straightforward click method, emphasizing accuracy and timing.

How to play

When shooting, pay attention to the shot power meter. Holding down the left mouse button will start the shot. When the shooting target is moving, depress the button and release it at the right moment to kick the ball.

When defending, keep an eye out for the opponent's shot target. Tapping the target will cause your goaltender to dive. Remember that timing is everything in this game.

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