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Phrasle Master

Within the entertaining puzzle game Phrasle Master, you are required to tap on the words in order to create a sentence. The game features a great deal of challenging stages.

Your goal in this game is to put words together to create quotes that are insightful and funny as well as proverbs and sayings. Each phrase can be guessed five times. As you go, progressively difficult word puzzles are unlocked, starting with 3-word riddles. Longer hidden phrases await you as you advance, so you'll need to use all of your reasoning and puzzle-solving abilities to solve the riddles.  

Game rules

  • The rules of the game say that a word is in the right place in the puzzle if it is marked in green.
  • The word is used somewhere else in the phrase if it is yellow.
  • There are no grey words in the puzzle. 

You can practice your French or Spanish by decoding phrases formed from certain words in these languages, or you can solve English riddles. With Phrasle Master, learning foreign languages and increasing your vocabulary can be enjoyable experiences. So show off your knowledge by solving clever sayings and proverbs in this online word game!