Portal Defenders: Fast Break!

Portal Defenders: Fast Break!

Portal Defenders: Fast Break!

The basketball game Portal Defenders: Fast Break! takes place in a universe concealed by an enigmatic gateway. A basketball court that resembled pixels was discovered within the portal.

The goal of this gripping single- or two-player game is to make your characters into the greatest street basketball superstars. You'll enter a universe where pure, unadulterated basketball skill and strategy take precedence over physics when you take the floor in Portal Defenders. Join the battle between the two teams and launch an offensive by catching the ball. By passing to your teammates, you can work together.


  • Use the arrow key to move
  • Use S to shoot
  • Use A to pass/pass request
  • Use D to acceleration

It's time to play your favorite sport in an enjoyable game with straightforward graphics that are packed with intricate details!

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