Power Rangers Baseball

Power Rangers Baseball

Power Rangers Baseball

The exhilarating sport of Power Rangers Baseball will put your agility and ability to the test.  These attributes are necessary for you to succeed in this game because that is the only method to reach the objective.

The Power Rangers cartoon heroes are the main focus of the game. Play for the attackers by holding a bat in your hands. Attempt to sprint every square base, or pretend to be a powerful hitter who is trying to deflect your opponent's fastballs with his bat as much as possible. To score as many points as you can, you must strike the many symbols scattered over the game screen. If you are forced to restart the game because you are unable to lose. 

How to play

To control the player, you will utilize the mouse. You will click to shoot the ball when it lands in the bat's lines after it drops from the top of the gaming screen. 

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