Ragdoll Soccer
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Ragdoll Soccer

Ragdoll Soccer

Two players can have fun playing the physics-based football game Ragdoll Soccer. Using the same computer, you can play by yourself or challenge a friend.

Gameplay of Ragdoll Soccer

Play Ragdoll Soccer to get an unparalleled experience of the excitement and mayhem of football... The doll is meant to swing from a fixed location while adhering to gravity and physical forces in order to score a goal in the game. Ascending toward the ball, begin swinging from a rope. As Peter Parker or any other random ninja would do, you can release your rope and use a fresh one to swap positions. 


Move the WASD keys to swing your doll and hit the football ball.

The key is to maintain balance while scoring as many goals as possible. Are you ready for this entertaining, action-packed game of soccer?