Rally Champion

Rally Champion

Rally Champion

In the car racing game Rally Champion, you can practice for the excitement of rally racing. You can finish your laps as rapidly as you can and take the first position!

Challenge your abilities on a total of 10 tracks featuring lovely backdrop landscapes and lifelike visuals! You'll feel as though you're actually racing on the track against other drivers thanks to the lifelike graphics. As you race down the track, make quick work of the corners and pass your rivals. 

How to play

The arrow keys or WASD are used for control. As much as possible, try to dodge and pass your opponents. To increase your speed and pull away from the competitors, use the acceleration lanes.

compete on a number of racetracks to be ranked first. To gain an advantage over your rival, use your steering prowess to swerve around curves and ride on the fast lanes. Rally Champion will help you harness your thirst for speed and win every race!

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