Rival Star Basketball

Rival Star Basketball

Rival Star Basketball

In Rival Star Basketball, you can create your team or draft from hundreds of players from around the world. 

Do you have exceptional leadership qualities and a great love for playing basketball? Now let's play the Rival Star Basketball game to see how brave you are. Create the team of your dreams and select the best players in the draft to rule the basketball world. In exciting multiplayer card fights, take charge, choose exceptional basketball players, prepare your strategy, and unleash your team.

Key Features

  • You may draft, collect, and evolve hundreds of fully animated 3D player cards. Enhance your group with unique abilities, rewards, and more! 
  • Take part in endless strategies and plays for advanced card management, or choose auto-play to let the AI make all of the decisions.
  • moments of activity on the floor include thefts, passes, shoots, and slam dunks. Make the game-winning shot and rise to fame in basketball!
  • You compete against real-world opponents in exhilarating live worldwide tournaments! Ascend the ranks and take on the greatest to get greater rewards!


Throw the ball into the basket with a mouse swipe.

Do you attempt the three-pointer or do you pass? Your success may depend on the decision you make.

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