Road Crash

Road Crash

Road Crash

Road Crash is a game that is difficult to put down. Crash all of the cars on the road as you race to the finish line and have fun! 

Bump them off the road to earn coins and purchase new vehicles. Compete against opponents from all over the world and eliminate them by crashing into them while driving on a highway in beautiful locations.


  • Intricately detailed 2D artwork
  • There are a lot of steps to go through
  • Buying new cars any time
  • Various benefits

How to play

You can also play this game on your phone and your PC. As you move forward you can play on different racing locations but you have to prove yourself as a worthy racer. Merge cars in your garage to unlock even more powerful ones. Move your mouse left and right or use keys to steer the car. Use your mouse to merge cars.

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