ROBOTIC Sports: Tennis

ROBOTIC Sports: Tennis

ROBOTIC Sports: Tennis

Robotic characters are included in the 3D tennis simulator game ROBOTIC Sports: Tennis. Let's start with building your own robot and setting yourself a tennis challenge. Select among many heads, bodies, legs, and rackets. Winning tournaments and finishing the challenges will open up even more.

Game modes

ROBOTIC Sports: Tennis offers four game modes: Tournament, Challenge, Practice, and Two Player. 

  • In the Tournament: Three rounds against even more challenging opponents await you! Win the matches in each round to advance and demonstrate your tennis skills.
  • In Practice mode: Practice mode allows you to personalize the game and define your own rules, so hone your abilities there. Pick from tough, grass, or clay to play on and set your opponent's level. 
  • In Challenge mode: Hit the Target, Wall Bounce, and Balloon Pop are the three enjoyable and thrilling activities available in Challenge mode.
  • In 2 Player Mode: To have some competitive and interactive fun, challenge a friend in two-player mode. 


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Use FGJK to action 

In 2 Player mode

  • Player 1: Use WASD to move, Use “Y, T, F, G” to action
  • Player 2: Use Arrow keys to move, Use “0, 9, <, >” to action

ROBOTIC Sports: Tennis will test your tennis abilities; pick up a racket and see what you can do! 

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