Rugby Kicks Game

Rugby Kicks Game

Rugby Kicks Game

Rugby Kicks Game is a fun free game in which you must make the best kicks possible. Select your preferred country, then kick the ball toward the goalposts to begin earning points. Your team's success will be determined by its ability and accuracy. 

You'll want to show your rugby team how delighted you are by improving and scoring more points, no matter where you come from! Aim your kicks such that the rugby ball lands in the green zone. The ball must pass through the goalposts. As you score more points, your kick improves. You can play this entertaining online rugby game by kicking the ball 25 times in 5 rounds.

How to play

Tips for Rugby Kicks Game

Rugby players take their time before kicking to ensure that they are breathing properly. That way, they won't be able to catch the ball or slice it wide. Consider what you see. Hold your breath and focus on your aim and strength. 


By hitting the space bar, you can direct the direction of the hit. More points are awarded if you are near the green spot in the center.

If you enjoy this game, you might also enjoy Football Kick 3D, a football-themed game.  Have fun!

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