Slam Dunk Forever

Slam Dunk Forever

Slam Dunk Forever

Slam Dunk Forever is the Slam Dunk series' final and most difficult installment. You can play as one of the five possible characters, each with their own set of problems. 

This is an online convivial 3D game that introduces a novel technique of dropping basketballs into the hoop rather than shooting them. The basketball is linked to a rotating rope above the hoop in Slam Dunk Forever's interactive gameplay, and the goal is to drop the rotating basketball into the hoop, just like dunking. There are springs inserted beneath the hoop as well, bouncing off the basketball after a missed dunk and offering gamers a chance, but this does not always happen!

How to play

Select the appropriate time to cut the thread and allow the ball to pass through the basket. Earn coins to purchase bonuses and compete for the highest score. The first few attempts may be simple because the hoop is close to the wall, but wait until it is in the center of the screen and you must cut the swinging ball in order to fall into the basket. This may require multiple attempts, but don't give up! 

Controls: Use your mouse to play Slam Dunk Forever.

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