Snake Classic

Snake Classic

Snake Classic

Snake Classic is a remake of the arcade classic Snake Game, which debuted in the middle of the 1970s. 

Gameplay of Snake Classic

In Snake Classic, you take control of a virtual snake that slithers throughout its little habitat, gorging on food pellets while attempting to avoid colliding with its own body or the sides of the screen. The snake will grow and lengthen after it consumes food. To avoid losing a life, you must master the snake's movements to prevent it from hitting walls or other obstacles as well as from hitting itself. 

How to play

Tips to play Snake Classic

  • Learn to make sharp turns: A useful skill to have when playing snake is the ability to flip a coin. The snake moves so quickly that it might strike you before you can respond. As you play more, work on perfecting those quick rotations so you don't crash into the wall.
  • Have patience: Even while you might be tempted to seize the apples as quickly as possible, it's preferable to hold off on making a second pass until your snake's tail clears the apple. 
  • Give the wall a hug: As you play snake, every apple you eat will cause your tail to grow bigger and bigger. A basic tip is to pay attention to the screen's perimeter to prevent collisions with walls or your tail. This preserves the remaining field's openness and ease of use.


Use the arrow keys or WASD. The snake can travel in any direction, but it is unable to reverse its direction.

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