Soccer Bros

Soccer Bros

Soccer Bros

With Soccer Bros, take part in frantic and competitive 1vs1 soccer matches! Get ready for nonstop action that will include brutal defensive tackles and amazing shots.

The Gameplay of Soccer Bros

In one-on-one soccer matches in Soccer Bros, your objective is to outperform your rival. To score goals and keep your opponent from scoring, you'll need to become an expert in dribbling, shooting, and defensive moves. Select from a lineup consisting of 17 elite athletes in their respective disciplines, each contributing their distinct skills to the game. A variety of strangely recognizable-sounding soccer players, such as Lion Messy, Chris Ronald, Tom Mauler, and Kyler Bappy, are included in the game. Each player has specific advantages and disadvantages that lend another level of strategy to games.


  • Player 1: To move, use WASD, to kick the ball, use G.
  • Player 2: To move, press the Arrow Keys; to kick, press L.

Soccer Bros offers fast matches and tournaments in its single-player mode. Ahead of exciting soccer matches, demonstrate your skills on the field!

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