Soccer Shoot 3D

Soccer Shoot 3D

Soccer Shoot 3D

Play the low-poly, blocky Soccer Shoot 3D video game online to improve your reflexes.

Soccer Shoot 3D is a straightforward soccer shooting practice game that asks you to click the mouse while the arrow is pointing in the direction you wish to shoot from. You will kick the ball with the mouse in a 3D environment while playing the game. To advance a level, you must kick the ball a predetermined distance. The distance you sent the ball will earn you money, which you can spend to buy a selection of fresh and interesting products. 


How to play

For extra points and gold, shoot the ball in a sideways motion since it may move farther and bounce and roll farther. Shoot the ball to make it fly away and land in a larger area than the previous attempt.

With the money you get from playing this soccer ball shooting instructional game, you can buy upgrades like strength, speed, and bounce.

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