Sports Heads Basketball

Sports Heads Basketball

Sports Heads Basketball

Big-headed creatures abound in Sports Heads Basketball, an excellent hoops game. Enjoy bouncing basketball magic as you play one-on-one with big-headed stars!

You've played the earlier Sports Heads chapters to be ready for this tournament. Join these big-headed dudes for a game of basketball! Play as your preferred NBA team and try to make as many baskets as you can in the allotted one minute. Don't forget to gather power-ups. Take on Michael Gordan, Shaq O'Real, and Kareem Abdull-Jabba head-to-head. I all, it can't be that hard to get that pill into the net, is it?


  • Player 1: Use arrow keys to move, throwing the ball with P
  • Player 2: Use W, A, S, D  to move, throwing the ball with space bar

The remaining chapters of the Sports Heads game are currently available for viewing like Sports Heads: Football Championship

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