Sprinter Heroes

Sprinter Heroes

Sprinter Heroes

Try to become the Sprinter Heroes champion with the highest score by racing over seven continents! In addition to other runners, your friend must compete against you.

Gameplay of Sprinter Heroes 

Inspired by the iconic Sprinter game, Sprinter Heroes adds thrilling new elements to up the ante on the race's exhilarating rush. Your goal is obvious as you assume the position of a sprinter: beat your rivals and cross the finish line first. You will wear a racing uniform in the colors of the nation you choose to represent. Every region offers a fresh experience, replete with a progression-based series of more challenging races. Get ready to take on opponents that move more quickly and maneuver through difficult courses that need accurate control and fast reactions. 


  • Player 1: Use "A, D" key
  • Player 2: Use "LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS"
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