Stickman Draw the Bridge

Stickman Draw the Bridge

Stickman Draw the Bridge

In the entertaining puzzle game Stickman Draw the Bridge, you have complete control over how the alien traffic moves.

Your objective is to build a line that the stickman may use as a bridge to drive over the automobile. Work on your ability to draw lines in a way that is both creative and sensible! By having fun, one can improve their logical reasoning and mental agility. Throughout this activity, you will be put to the test to see how well you can come up with creative answers to difficult problems.

There are 32 levels in all in Stickman Draw the Bridge. You will encounter increasingly challenging situations as you go through each level. At some stages, you'll encounter many cars that must travel to distinct locations or obstacles that may cause your lines to get obstructed. Pay attention to every little detail to bring the cars to the exits in order to accomplish each level!

How to play

To draw, use your mouse.

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