Stickman Football

Stickman Football

Stickman Football

Stickman Football is a great game to play if you enjoy competitive stickman football.

Take in realistic player dynamics and imaginative game graphics while playing football. Every element of your player, including their movement and playing style, will be under your complete control. With more than 32 teams to select from, you can win a variety of games by leading your preferred club to victory! You can take charge of a football team made up of talented stickman players in this sports game.


  • Dynamic gameplay and responsive controls are featured.
  • A variety of skill levels, from easy to difficult.
  • A level mode that never ends for unlimited enjoyment.
  • A level of lesson instruction for novice players.

How to play

To outwit their rivals and score goals, they should apply their strategic abilities. The controls are straightforward: use the direction keys to guide your stickman and place the ball in the opponent's goal. You'll encounter increasingly challenging levels as the game progresses, requiring greater skill and strategy.

Prepare to be enthralled with football like never before with Stickman Football!

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