Street Basketball

Street Basketball

Street Basketball

Street Basketball is a basketball arcade game in which you must correctly stop the aiming indications in order to score as many goals as possible within the time restriction. 

Demonstrate your basketball three-point shooting prowess! To score as many points as you can, you have one minute and 25 balls. With the orange basketballs, score one point for every basket made, or sink the striped ball to score two. To create a flawless throw, try to stop the aiming indications as near as you can to the center point.You'll need quick reflexes to achieve a good score. On a computer, tablet, or mobile device, play the online game of street basketball.


To stop the indications, use the left-click or spacebar. 

Just get ready to challenge and confront your opponent, learn how many difficult shots you can succeed at, and to demonstrate your abilities all the way through the game!

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