Suika Game

Suika Game

Suika Game

Suika Game is a puzzle game in which you must drop fruits in a 2048-style pattern until you run out of space.

Explore Suika Game, one of the most challenging matching games 

In the Suika Game, also known as the Watermelon Game, the object is to assemble fruits until the largest one—the watermelon—is reached. A game that has been dubbed "Japan's hardest game" is Synthetic Big Watermelon, a Chinese game. It functions in a manner akin to puzzles. To get larger fruits, you combine similar-looking fruits until you reach the watermelon. That gameplay is similar to Watermelon Fruit Merge and Merge Melons. The hardest part is having to make these combos inside a tiny container with the fruits layered on top of one another. 


  • Appealing fruit theme: Suika Game's appealing fruit theme provides players with an amusing and cheerful experience with its magnificent fruit images, which capture the beauty of watermelon cultivation.
  • Enjoyable sounds: The game's audio is essential to providing gamers with a satisfying experience. It fits perfectly with the game's premise because it's upbeat and enjoyable.
  • The sense of competition: Your score will go up based on the size of each fruit when the two are united. 

How to play Suika Game Online

A fruit that comes into contact with another of the same kind will "evolve" into a fruit higher up the chain. Repeat to eventually evolve them into larger fruits. Your score will rise with each development; the bigger evolutions will earn you more points. 

Tips and tricks

  • Find out the fruits' correct evolutionary order.
  • Place the larger fruits at the base and the smaller ones at the top of the stack. Additionally, when more than half of the container's area is occupied, try to prevent the little ones from getting to the bottom.
  • When the container is empty at the start of the game, try to arrange each fruit next to the fruit so that it will immediately become when united. Because of the proximity, you will find it easier to make consecutive merges in this manner.
  • Always carefully consider your next course of action in light of the fruit you will receive.

Take a chance on this delicious adventure and discover how many Watermelons you can combine by jumping in. Play in full-screen mode for the best experience!

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