Super Goal

Super Goal

Super Goal

You will be able to have a more enjoyable experience with the game's content and relax your body with the help of Super Goal. This will prevent you from wasting time on game resources in order to achieve the desired effect of leisure.

You can hit a target in a goal and shoot past many obstacles in this game. Your goal is to take the ball and swipe it through the field, avoiding any enemy players in your path.

Draw a line with your mouse or finger on the target in the goal and shoot it. At first glance, it appears simple. However, there are numerous obstacles and goalkeepers in your path, and the target occasionally moves! Shoot through hoops and cones, outwit the goalkeepers, and hit the target with no more than three shots.



Make use of your mouse. Draw a path for the ball to the goal and score.

Let's go to the penalty spot now! Aim and hit accurately, and play Super Goal now for free!

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