Super Liquid Soccer
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Super Liquid Soccer

Super Liquid Soccer

Players of the dynamic and captivating soccer game Super Liquid Soccer may expect an entertaining and fascinating match.

Super Liquid Soccer is a 3D soccer game that was developed by Punyrobo. It features a large number of teams and a good graphic design. As soon as the game starts, choose the nation to put yourself in the shoes of their beloved national team. Put on your boots, plan your plays, and jump right into this sloppy football experience. With so many playing styles available in the game—from chip passes to slashing through balls—you can adjust your strategy to fit the play. A fantastic penalty shoot-out mode in the game also allows you to test your goalkeeping and shooting abilities to the limit.


  • Use WASD to Movement
  • Use M to Pass
  • Use J to Shoot
  • Use L to Chip
  • Use I to Through pass
  • Use Q or E to Switch player
  • Use P or O to Movement Sprint