Table Tennis World Tour

Table Tennis World Tour

Table Tennis World Tour

Play Table Tennis on the exciting and demanding Table Tennis World Tour and turn into a true professional. To become the world champion, travel the globe and triumph in match after match.

Gameplay of Table Tennis World Tour

The most realistic simulation is provided to players by maintaining the same rules as table tennis matches in tournament gaming. You will face off against AI from numerous nations in this game. Starting from both ends of the table, each participant will take their initial shot. Balls that strike the table and rebound are counted as balls. If the ball hits the table, your opponent will score points and you will not. You will not score a point if the ball flies off the table; it must cross the net and land on the other player's side of the table. 


To control the racket up, down, left, right, and diagonally, use the mouse. To polish, click. Keep in mind that you must click precisely when the ball strikes the table.

Play this entertaining game of table tennis against 60 opponents from 20 different nations. The game is enjoyable for all players due to its user-friendly controls and gameplay features. 

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