Tap Dunk Basketball

Tap Dunk Basketball

Tap Dunk Basketball

Tap Dunk Basketball is a very fun game about basketball and free throws.

Follow the rules, figure out how to use the really simple controls, and hit the ball hard to win.

As you unlock new masks, the game will become even more fun and memorable. Have fun with this collection of Basketball games!

How to play

To make baskets and get as many points as possible, you will have to do your best to control your shots and rebounds. When you press it more than once, the ball will go farther. To get more points, make consistent swishes without touching the ring. The first swing is worth 2 points, the second swing is worth 3 points, the third swing is worth 4 points, and so on.


  • Nice graphics
  • Gameplay that is quick and responsive
  • Leaderboard
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