Tennis Court

Tennis Court

Tennis Court

Win the Wimbledon tournament on Tennis Court like a true pro! On the tennis court, your greatest adversary is the net. Top players almost never miss the net, although amateurs frequently miss the net. Playing sets where any standard/easy groundstroke missed in the net results in a game loss is one approach to practice avoiding the net. So, if you miss a simple forehand on the first point of a game, your opponent wins.

How to play

Simply move your character around with your keyboard and shoot with other keys or the mouse. You can control your stroke and serve power, as well as add spin to the ball! Our tennis challenges will help you become a true pro as you master each opponent and hit the winning shot. Several of our games include modifications that allow you to play with special power-ups and characters exclusive to our library!

Despite its easy controls, the game is far from casual! High-level gameplay is rich, entertaining, and difficult to master.


  • Intuitive controls that are simple to learn but difficult to master.
  • To increase your talents, collect and upgrade all 10+ rare characters and 50+ extraordinary items.
  • Play online multiplayer games with your friends and connect with them.
  • Join a Club to meet thousands of other online gamers, boost your career, and participate in exclusive sports tournaments.
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