Tennis Open 2021

Tennis Open 2021

Tennis Open 2021

Tennis Open 2021 is an exciting sports game in which you can compete in famous tennis tournaments to win the Grand Slam trophy.

Play your way through the Australian Open, then travel to Wimbledon, France, and the United States to compete on the tennis court. Your goal will be to execute flawless moves in order to shoot the ball all the way to your opponent's side of the field. You must use your mouse to set the right direction at the right time as your player runs towards the incoming ball.

How to play 

To execute a serve, tap or swipe the arrows. Then, at the appropriate time, tap or swipe to use the racket and hit the ball back to the opposing side of the court.

Put your skills to the test and earn your first points. After learning how to play, you can compete in the Tennis Champions 2020 and win your first trophies.

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